We translate all kinds of documents, no matter whether it's a user manual, a contract, business correspondence or a book, paying maximum attention to the quality of our translation works. We have gained extensive experience in written translations in various areas of expertise, each having its specific features. For example, technical translations, which constitute a great part of all our translation works, require special precision and expertise in terminology in subject matter; financial translation demands translator's profound insight in banking and stock exchange structure, economical situation and specific features of documentation turnover in the countries whose languages are involved; translations for IT business require specific knowledge and correct usage of specialized terminology accepted in this industry.

We carry out translations using up-to-date versions of the leading CAT and TM systems, which assure higher quality of translations within tighter time limits.

In most cases, we determine the price for translation based on the number of standard pages. 1 standard page stands for a page of 1800 characters including spaces. Along with translation of your documents, we can also retain their original desing, even if your source document contains some special layout and graphical elements. We offer desktop publishing, translation of graphics and design adjustment services as additional options to translation works, with rates depending upon complexity and urgency.


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