Technical translations

Industrial adaptation

One of the specific services provided by U-Treda translation studio is technical translation. For our customers - manufacture companies - we translate technical documentation to any kind of machinery, equipment and products in all industrial branches, from automotive industry up to nanotechnologies.

As a part of technical translation services we provide complex industrial translation and adaptation of a product intended for export and promotion on new foreign markets. In practice, any manufacturer sooner or later faces the need of linguistic adaptation of his product, as long as he seeks to expand his distribution geography and enter new regional markets. The same can be as well said about an importer or local representative, whose task is promotion and distribution of a foreign product within his country or region.

Industrial translation and adaptation is a complex task which comprises several kinds of linguistic services and accompanying activities, depending upon specific features of the product.

Translation of product related technical documentation. Along with common requirements and standards applicable to technical translation, here we also need to get deep understanding of the product, in some cases employing creativity to a certain extend: quite often the product appears to be completely new to the target market, there even being no proper word in the target language to denote the imported thing or its function, and then translators have nothing but invent a new name for this object, which could properly express the essence of the novelty and at the same time would be clear and acceptable for the target language speakers.

Translation of packages, labels, promo and marketing materials, desktop publishing. Product package (or the product itself) must be ensured with complete information about the product provided in the target language (or languages). Often there also must be legally prescribed consumer information, in compliance with local legislation. We prepare all product related materials, making them ready for printing or for applying to the product in previously agreed form and formats.

• Translation of complex technical devices also involves localization of menus, warnings, messages.

• If operation of the product implies its communication with PC, then its adaptaion will also include localization of related software (programs, utilities, drivers, internet hub etc.).

As an outcome of this complex work the manufacturer obtains the product completely adapted and fitted for promotion and distribution on the intended foreign market.


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