Proofreading and editing


Proofreading and editing as a special types of post-processing works on translated text is a necessary stage in workflow of any professional translation company. All translations performed by our specialists consequently go through proofreading process carried out by an editor or by another translator. This stage is aimed at correcting possible grammar, spelling and syntax mistakes and misprints.

As a separate type of translated text revision comes editing, the essence of this process consisting in terminology verification and spotting all possible style and common sence drawbacks. In certain cases, duration and costs of editing may be comparable with the translation itself.

Another useful post-translation practice is proofreading or editing of a translation performed by a third-party translator or an editor. Quite often we U-Treda Translation Studio are addressed by our colleagues - external translators - with the demand to have "a fresh glance" and review their translations, as well as by customers with already translated texts, who need to specifiy terminology or to have the translation proofread by a native speaker.


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