Web-site localization

Web-site localization

Surely you can hardly think of any business or company, even the tiniest one, which has no its web-site. Having an internet page has long ago transformed from company's prestige indicator into its must-have attribute. Depending on company's field of activity, its web-site may be a simple promo site, e-shop, online catalogue, blog or online service platform. As business grows, the company inevitably faces the necessity to expand its geography and reach new markets. And at the same moment, with the same inevitability, arises the need of presenting the information about company's products and services in the languages of the countries where expansion is targeted to.

U-Treda Translation Studio has gained vast experience in localization of various kinds of web-sites, we offer complex localization solutions which include both technical adjustment of your site background and coding, and complete linguistic and cultural adaptation of the site contents for the target language.

Web-site localization implies not only ordinary translation of the contents into the target language. We don't just add new flags onto your web to switch between different language locales. Our primary concern with web-site localization is to make it look and feel as if it were originally created in this language. People in different cultures have their own regional standards of measuring distances and volumes (meters or feet), date and time depiction (21:00 or 9:00 p.m.), numerals format (12000 or 12 000), currency signs ($400 or 400 USD), and lots of other pecularities which must be taken into account in order to make really proper web-site localization.

Properly localized web-site discovers new horizons for your business, removes language barriers, expands your distribution markets, improves your company image, outlining it as s global player for your partners and competitors.


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