Game localization

Game localization

Video games and electronic entertainment industry is one of the most rapidly growing branches nowadays. Games are no longer purely children's prerogative, as video games are widely played today by people of all ages, on all continents. Events in virtual worlds have become tightly intermingled with real life. However, in order to make a game concept successful with players in as many countries as the developers' ambitions are aimed at, users in each target region must obtain their local language version of the game, the quality of its localization and cultural adaptation being directly proportional to the number of potential players on the target market.

Game localization is a complex creative process, where translation itself does not play the paramount role. Creating a localized version of a game implies, above all, its complex adaptation to national, historical, lifestyle and other specific features of the target country. Every game element should be creatively treated: characters' names may be changed into something more «telling» or more meaningful; dialogues can be coloured with set expressions and idioms, commonly received in the target language and matching the game plot; in voiceover and soundtrack localization it may be relevant to employ current music trends and preferencies of the target audience; sometimes certain parts and even storylines of a game may be modified to comply with specific cultural features of the country which the game is being localized for. Certain gestures and signs which bear neutral or positive meaning in the majority of cultures, may be perceived negatively and even offensive by players of some other nationalities. We always pay special attention to such delicate details when working on game localization.

Game localization is a challenge that requires unconventional and creative solutions. The reward for this challenge is growing army of new players all over the world, and success and prosperity for the development company.


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