What is localization, and what can be localized?

«Localization» relates to a process of adapting of a product (its properties, functional features, descriptions) to specific linguistic and cultural features of a target market or country.

Generally, any product, web-site, software, application or game should be localized, if its creator or owner intends to represent and promote the product on foreign markets, appealing to local users with their unique linguistic, national and cultural features. Definitely, in the contemporary world of global trade and data exchange, any product, web-site or application sooner or later is doomed to go through localization process, if its owner wished to keep pace with the surrounding world and extend business horizons. Localization of such products as WEB-SITES, SOFTWARE AND GAMES are highly demanded nowadays. As a special type of localization works we single out TRANSLATION OF DOCUMENTATION and ONLINE MANUALS.

Localization process includes translation of contents, graphics, warnings as well as adaptation of various specific elements - measures, date format, currencies; sometimes it involves replacement of some source elements, which may appear irrelevant or even insulting for the target culture users, by more habitual and traditional for them.

Professional team of U-Treda Translation Studio is able to ensure the entire package of localization services for your web-site or software, finished by thorough testing procedure in order to reveal and get rid of technical errors («bugs»), possible grammar, spelling and style mistakes, and to ensure linguistic and cultural adequacy.


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