Desktop publishing

Desktop publishing

Translation of any document (a contract, product catalogue, leaflet, manual, package or whatever) is what we at U-Treda Translation Studio will perform for you easily and gladly. The translation itself, however, may be a final goal for a translation agency, but far not always is translation a final goal for a customer, who actually in the end needs to obtain just a language version of the original document printed or published.

U-Treda Translation Studio provides desktop publishing services (DTP) for translated documents. You just need to submit your source document (a booklet, catalogue, package layout, drawing, etc.) and we'll fulfil the complex task on its translation and further desktop publishing (DTP) works and prepare for any other use, including formatting for web and electronic communication. We will maintain, where technically possible, the original fonts, colouring, layout proportions.

We are capable to work with documents in great variety of formats, both vectors and bitmaps.

We provide DTP services as accompanying works with document translations, complex technical translation and industrial product adaptation, or along with some works on localization.


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