Quotes and payments

Quotes nad payments

Translation workflow at U-Treda Translation Studio is arranged in compliance with industry standards and best practices accepted in translation business.

To each order submitted we assign its number (ID). Depending on the type of service demanded, we estimate it on the basis of the following criteria:

• For written translations, as a rule, the quotation unit is a translation standard page. 1 standard page stands for a page containing 1800 characters including spaces. In some cases translation price may be determined on the basis of word count. One standard page, as a rule, contains 230-280 words.

An incomplete page is counted as 1 standard page.

Min. order volume is 1 standard page.

A standard page rate considerably depends upon the subject matter of the source text, degree of urgency, language pair, as well as the source text properties. Text containing illegible symbols or handwriting or graphics, possible grammatical, lexical or logical mistakes and other issues able to complicate translation process may affect the translation rate.

• Price calculation for proofreading / editing services are also based on the number of standard pages.

Interpreting costs are determined by hourly rates, min. order is 2 hours. Time necessary for an interpreter to arrive to an agreed site may be a subject to charging additional fees, with the respect to the distance, transportation costs, etc. Hourly rate for interpreting depends on its type, subject matter, language pair.

Localization works, as well as technical translation and product adaptation services, due to unique nature of each such project, are estimated individually.

In most cases working on a project requires our close interaction with the customer.

If a customer applies to us with the demand to finish a project started by another translator or contractor, or wants us to fulfil just a specific part of the project, in such cases we always require to provide all existing termbases, glossaries and previously done translation materials related to the project, in order to keep terminology consistent.

Once the task is completely clear to us, we send you a quotation, containing the price and estimated completetion date. Customer's consent with the quotation means for us that we start working on the project, and for the customer - obligation to accept the result of our work and pay for it the agreed sum. All the details regarding the workflow, conditions and payment shall be stated in the reply to your order by e-mail.

Payment options:

• bank transfer onto our company account
• postal money order

Invoice shall be sent upon our receiving the payment.


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